Commercial premises cleaning

Daily cleaning of commercial premises, business centers, production facilities.

After many years of being recognized as a reliable partner and company offering quality services with a different approach to clients, we offer reliable and comprehensive cleaning services for various types of clients, from daily cleaning of commercial premises covering larger surface areas up to industrial and commercial facilities.

We understand that all clients differ in terms of their business, and so too, your needs differ. We will determine the possibilities for effective cleaning. With that knowledge, we closely work with each company on an individual basis, and combine services which optimally meet your individual needs, which starts with a meeting at the location intended for cleaning.

We have been in the cleaning business for over 15 years, and attend meetings carrying with us our experience.

Upon receiving all the necessary information, we will send you a commercial quote within 24 hours.

Frequency of cleaning:

  • daily cleaning

All our cleaning services include strict quality control of work undertaken by workers out in the field, which is performed by supervisory personnel at Alterra Group, and in line with times announced in advance.

All of Alterra Grupa’s workers have passed a work safety course and annual medical checkups.

All cleaning products and equipment are included in our prices. We use concentrates intended solely for professional cleaning, and adapted to surfaces requiring treatment. All of Alterra Grupa’s workers have also had training in the use of cleaning equipment and chemicals.

In addition to cleaning, we also offer a range of other services, which will improve the functionality of your commercial premises:

  • Supplying consumable sanitary materials is most certainly an essential factor. Consumable materials include the basics, such as toilette paper, paper towels, foam soap and air fresheners, but also a lot more. We have at our disposal additional options for consumable sanitary materials, which are supplied as requested. Holders for the mentioned consumable materials are placed free of charge and remain for the duration of the business cooperation.
  • Washing of windows can but does not need to be part of the basic package for cleaning commercial premises. Alterra Grupa’s workers are experienced in cleaning all types of windows, at all heights.
  • We offer technical maintenance of buildings to regular clients.
  • Mechanical cleaning of carpets/carpet tiles

We offer professional services for deep cleaning of carpet tiles throughout the entire region of Croatia, which will fulfill all your requirements. The deep cleaning of carpet tiles is a service we provide to the business sector. We utilize the most modern techniques, materials and technology for cleaning, and the mechanical cleaning service is done by a team of people who are specialized for the mentioned services.

Prior to commencing cleaning, if necessary, persons specialized for mechanical cleaning do an on-site inspection to determine the degree of dirtiness, as well as the quantity, origin and age of stains on carpet tiles or carpet. The client is given an assessment of the expected results.

  • Mechanical cleaning of hard floor surfaces

Prior to commencing cleaning, if necessary, persons specialized for mechanical cleaning do an on-site inspection to determine the degree of dirtiness. The client will then be advised on the optimal service which will fulfill the client’s requirements, and restore the floor coverings their original color, if possible.

  • General cleaning of commercial premises
  • Dry cleaning of furniture upholstery and chairs
  • Horticultural works and mechanical cleaning of the surrounding environment

The price for cleaning depends on the size of the area to be cleaning, the frequency which workers attend the site, number of workers on the site, and the scope of work. We recommend that you send us an enquiry along with a description of the mentioned information at, and we will reply no later than within 24 hours of receiving the enquiry. All our quotes contain schedules and consequently are completely transparent for the client.

Upon accepting the quote for cleaning, the client automatically accepts Alterra Grupa’s General Terms and Conditions.

All our daily and periodical clients receive a 10% discount on their next monthly cleaning if they direct a new client who engages Alterra Grupa for any of the mentioned cleaning services.