Mobile scaffolding rental

Renting of attested mobile aluminium scaffolding up to working heights of 10 m, with the ability to deliver and remove as well as assemble and disassemble the scaffolding by certified scaffolders for working at heights.

Due to increasing interest to rent equipment, we are able to offer you the opportunity to rent mobile aluminium scaffolding and other accessories.


  • Mobile scaffolding AM-10 has been attested, and all Alterra Grupa workers must have be certified as scaffolders
  • The scaffolding is to be used for working in open and closed spaces
  • The dimensions of the working platform: 1 m x 2 m
  • Total weight of scaffolding: 260.60 kg (for working at heights of 10 m)
  • Maximum height of scaffolding: 10 m working height
  • Maximum height of working platform: 9 m
  • Place of handover: western part of the City of Zagreb
  • Delivery of scaffolding is available for the entire region of Croatia.


  • A maximum of 2 workers may work on the mobile scaffolding, where such workers are trained for working at heights. Assembling and disassembling the mobile scaffolding may only be done by professionals with knowledge of the product, and at least two persons are required for assembling it.
  • Mobile scaffolding may only be placed on even and stable surfaces.
  • Upon completion of work, the mobile scaffolding should be secured or disassembled.
  • We guarantee the quality of assembling and disassembling the mobile aluminium scaffolding according to laws, in addition to which Alterra Grupa completes the mandatory Scaffolding Check List.
  • In the event of renting scaffolding, which does not include an assembling and disassembling service, Alterra Grupa will prior to handing over the scaffolding, submit the Declaration on Exemption of Liability and Handover Minutes for signing.
  • In the event of renting scaffolding, which does not include delivery and removal by Alterra Grupa, the scaffolding must be placed and fixed during transport so as to avoid damage.
  • Prior to returning the scaffolding, parts must be cleaned with water or ordinary cleaning chemicals.
  • In accepting the General Terms and Conditions and upon receiving confirmation of payment, Alterra Grupa will be able to issue the scaffolding.

Additional services:

  • Renting of protective helmets and safety belts with ropes for working at heights.

The below stated prices for renting, delivery, removal, assembly and disassembly of the scaffolding covers the region of Zagreb, whereas for the wider region, please contact us.

The stated prices relate to shorter rental periods (up to 5 days). In the event of renting over a longer period, we kindly request that you contact us to get an additional discount. In the event of delivery/remove and assembly/disassembly of the scaffolding on a non-working day, work is charged additionally in accordance with the Labour Act.

In accepting/returning the scaffolding, Minutes obtained from Alterra Grupa are to be signed.

In the event of failing to adhere to agreed deadlines, Alterra Grupa has the right to charge an additional rental day.

Renting of scaffolding: 48,78 eur (367,50 kn) daily/price per piece

VAT included

  • The state price is renting scaffolding over a 5-day period. For renting over a longer period, please contact Alterra Grupa.

Delivery and removal: 86,27 eur (650,00 kn) price per piece

VAT included

  • only when exceeding a 5-day rental period

Assembly/disassembly: 134,38 eur (1.012,50 kn) price per piece

VAT included

  • only when exceeding a 5-day rental period