Technical maintenance

The goal of the technical maintenance of facilities is to plan and react preventively so that commercial buildings function properly.

Alterra Grupa is dedicated to providing a range of reliable and cost-effective services, necessary for managing buildings in a sure and comfortable environment. Allow us to transform your facility into something exceptional, by providing you with solutions which you need today and technologies which will maintain your business in years to come.

Basic services which we are able to provide (regular service inspections and legislatively stipulated testing):

Mechanical maintenance

  • Servicing of gas burners
  • Servicing of boilers, coolers, air conditioning units, air handling units and testing of freon installations for leakage
  • Servicing of automatic management
  • Regular inspection of chimneys and attesting
  • Regular inspection of gas installations and testing for gas leakage
  • Servicing of safety valves
  • Servicing of pumps
  • Servicing of systems for automatic filling of systems
  • Servicing of systems for water softening
  • Inspection of heating installations
  • Inspection and calibration of metering equipment (temperature gauges, pressure gauges…)
  • Maintenance of lifts and escalators (regular servicing and annual testing)

Construction maintenance

  • Decorative works and reconstruction
  • Glass and locksmith works
  • Deratization and deinsectization

Electrical maintenance

  • Electrical maintenance of distribution boards and thermovision recordings
  • Servicing of emergency lighting systems
  • Regular inspection of lightning arrestor installations
  • Servicing of uninterrupted power supply systems (DEA generators and UPS)


  • Cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systems
  • Deratization, deinsectization, disinfection

Technical maintenance comprises various services which ensure unhindered functioning of facilities.

Preventive maintenance of facilities

Identification necessary for maintenance of facilities, determining priorities and establishing strategies for long-term requirements are the basis for technical maintenance. The aim of facility management is to proactively manage a list of services necessary for proper functioning.

The purpose of our preventive maintenance program (PM) is to ensure efficiency and prolong the life expectancy of equipment, as well as reduce the occurrence of unforeseeable breakdowns.

  • We organize inspections of facilities and associated equipment
  • We assess the condition
  • We organise regular maintenance
  • We plan major repairs

Corrective maintenance of facilities

The mentioned maintenance can be defined as a service which we use to identify, isolate and rectify existing faults, and restore equipment to its initial functional state.

Interventive maintenance of facilities

Unplanned maintenance of systems/facilities or any other parts of systems/facilities for which activity must be commenced immediately without delay in order to prevent the onset of even greater damage and/or the maintaining of an expected level of comfort for the client.