Terms and conditions

Alterra Grupa shall fulfill all obligations defined between the Client and the Company. Alterra Grupa retains the right to amend any of the points stated in the General Terms and Conditions without prior notice. A purchase order for Alterra Grupa’s services via telephone, email, fax or its website implies that the Client automatically accepts all of the stated General Terms and Conditions.

The Client shall provide Alterra Grupa’s workers with access to hot water and electricity.

1. Commercial premises cleaning

Alterra Grupa will render the agreed service in full and professionally according to defined specifications stated in the quote containing the schedule which the Client will accept in writing. Any additional agreed activity will require an additional estimate of the work time, with the possibility of increasing previously agreed conditions. Prior to rendering the services, Alterra Grupa will submit the Contract for signing with a minimum validity period of 12 months.

Work on Sundays and public holidays is not calculated into the quote, except if otherwise stated in the quote.

Upon completion of the month, Alterra Grupa will send an electronic invoice for rendered services to the email address designated by the Client.

If the Client is late in paying an invoice by more than 30 days after the due date, Alterra Grupa retains the right to withdraw its workers from the site until the invoice is settled.

In event of a workers is on annual holidays or sick leave, Alterra Grupa shall organize a replacement worker. If Alterra Grupa is informed too late of sick leave for a worker, Alterra Grupa reserves the right to send a replacement worker no later than within 24 hours from the planned cleaning schedule.

If an Alterra Grupa worker misses a scheduled cleaning, in the event of force majeure or a natural disaster (earthquake, closed roads, impeded public transport), it shall be deemed that Alterra Grupa has not breached its contractual obligations. If deferment occurs due to the above stated reasons, the Client and Alterra Grupa shall mutually agree to another scheduled time or deduct that scheduled time from the monthly invoice.

If during cleaning damage occurs in the area planned for maintenance, the worker will inform Alterra Grupa of the incident. More on Insurance Against Liability.

Alterra Grupa will arrive on site with cleaning equipment and chemicals, adapted to each specific location. The client shall allocate an area for disposal of cleaning equipment.

Supplying consumable sanitary material (paper towels, toilet paper, liquid soap, air scents…) is offered to the Client as an additional service.

The Client will device whether to order the material on a monthly basis or let Alterra Grupa supply the material on a monthly basis.

2. Cleaning equipment and products

At each site, planned for cleaning, we come completely equipped. All cleaning products and equipment are included in the price.

3. Insurance against liability

All work by Alterra Grupa’s workers are additionally insured against possible damages occurring on-site designated for cleaning – Insurance against Liability. If the damage is not reported by the Alterra Grupa worker, we advise the Client, if noticing damage, to report it to Alterra Grupa with 24 hours of completion of the service, which will in that case send a company employee to the site to take photographs of the damage as evidence.

The photograph is then, along with a completed form, sent to Alterra Grupa’s insurance company.

4. Keys and alarm systems

Entry to premises designated for cleaning depends on the agreement with the Client.

The Client shall ensure access to the site designated for cleaning for a previously agreed scheduled time. If Alterra Grupa’s workers at the agreed scheduled time do not have access to the premises for cleaning, Alterra Grupa is entitled to charge for the cleaning.

In the event of losing a key by one of its own workers, Alterra Grupa will settle the costs of replacing locks and making a new key.

To receive keys and cards used for entering the Client’s premises, Alterra Grupa will send a certified Statement of Taking Possession of Keys, on which the exact quantity of received keys will be declared.

In the event of terminating business cooperation with the Client, Alterra Grupa shall return all that is stated in the Statement on Taking Possession.

5. Workers

We request that you act towards the Alterra Grupa workers professionally and with respect.

The workers are in full-time employment at Alterra Grupa, hence we request that you not attempt to engage them in additional cleaning jobs, as that would be contrary to their and our agreed working conditions.

6. Payment, complaints and damages


Alterra Grupa issues invoices upon completion of a job:

  • for one-off cleaning, the invoice is issued after completion of the cleaning job;
  • for periodical or daily cleaning, the invoice is issued monthly, after expiration of that month;


In the event that the Client is not satisfied with the performed work, the Client must report the matter to Alterra Grupa within 24 hours of completion of the cleaning. Complaints are to be received solely in written form, and sent via Alterra Grupa’s email address or by post.

If a realistic reason is not cited for late reporting, for any form of complaint, Alterra Grupa will not accept a complaint submitted latter than the stated deadline for complaints.

In the event of complaints within 24 hours, the Client will enable Alterra Grupa to send its work to the same location at the first available time, and complete the work to the satisfaction of the Client. If there are circumstances due to which corrections do not suit the Client or are not possible, Alterra Grupa will offer the option of reducing the contracted price.

Alterra Grupa retains the right to be exempted from liability for uncompleted work in the event that cleaning is not completed due to the lacking of hot water or electricity.


Given the nature of our work, accidents to occur. If damages occur and are caused due to the work of Alterra Grupa’s workers, we request that we be informed within 48 hours after completion of the cleaning work. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee compensation for damages.

7. Renting of mobile aluminium scaffolding

Alterra Grupa offers the opportunity to rent mobile aluminium scaffolding for at least 1 day. If interest in delivery/removing, assembly/disassembly of scaffolding, the minimum rental period is 5 days.

For rental periods of up to 10 days, Sundays and public holidays are not included as rent days.

Renting scaffolding is possible solely to legal entities.

During the rental period, the Client is responsible for loss of part of the scaffolding or damages to it. In the event of damages or loss of part of the scaffolding, Alterra Grupa will include on the invoice the cost of replacing that part of the scaffolding.

We advise the Client, during the handing over of scaffolding, to inspect all parts. If it is ascertained that there is already damage, we request that Alterra Grupa be informed, and Alterra Grupa will replace the damaged part. Also, we advise that after taking receiving the scaffolding, the person who receives it also carry with them the company seal so as to certify the handover documents. All services relating to the renting of mobile aluminium scaffolding is paid in advance. Alterra Grupa will not be able to issue scaffolding before receiving confirmation of settlement of the pre-payment. The Client is also obliged to accept The General Terms and Conditions.

8. One-off general cleaning

Alterra Grupa retains the right to change quoted prices, if the Client’s initial requirements change or a schedule cleaning is deferred. The quote is defined based on the condition of the premises as seen. If it is not possible to estimate the exact number of work hours planned for general cleaning of the premises, Alterra Grupa will send a quote containing a schedule, in which the exact number of work hours will be cited, including the number of workers and priced for the stated period of work. In that case, if on-site there is need for a shorter or longer period of time for cleaning than estimated, Alterra Grupa will, with consent from the Client, decrease or increase the cleaning price.

Everything else is determined in the Contract or Purchase Order. Alterra Grupa will not be able to commence with cleaning until one of the stated documents is certified.

For most one-off services, Alterra Grupa will also submit an invoice for pre-payment.

Work on Sundays and public holidays is not calculated into the quote, unless otherwise stated.

Alterra Grupa will submit an electronic invoice for upon the rendering of services to an email address designated by the Client.

The Client is recommended to check the quality of performed work, immediately upon completion of work by an Alterra Grupa worker.

In the event that the Client is not satisfied with the performed work, the Client must inform Alterra Grupa of the matter within 24 hours after completion of the cleaning. If a realistic reason for late notification is not given, for any type of complaint, Alterra Grupa will not accept a complaint submitted later than the stated deadline for complaints.

Alterra Grupa will not be responsible if using regular mechanical cleaning does not succeed in removing all permanent stains from carpets and hard floor coverings.

If during cleaning at heights, Alterra Grupa determines that certain areas designated for cleaning are not accessible by crane, scaffolding or alpinist services, the Client will be informed on time of the matter, and the inaccessible area will not be cleaned. Alterra Grupa operates solely according to the rules of work safety and cares about the safety of the company’s workers.

If during general cleaning, construction works are performed in the premises planned for cleaning alongside our work, Alterra Grupa will within a previously defined period perform the cleaning as agreed, but in that case cannot guarantee that the premises will be left completely clean due to the additional works. In order to leave the premises clean, Alterra Grupa must be last in the premises.

9. Supervision - quality control of services

To achieve and maintain a high standard, the supervisory person who is an integral part of the Alterra Grupa team, will periodically visit each site (periodic inspection of sites relates to premises for which Alterra Grupa has a Contract for agreed services involving periodic, daily and one-off cleaning) and oversee work as well as the quality of services by works on-site. Inspection of premises designated for cleaning is organized in consent with the Client.

10. Worker safety

Alterra Grupa retains the right to remove any its workers from a site, if it deems the worker’s safety is questionable.

11. Deferring cleaning schedules

The Client may terminate a schedule cleaning time, but it must be done at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time. The Client shall pay the agreed price if deferring or terminating the scheduled cleaning time 24 hours or less prior to the agreed schedule time.

The Client shall also pay the agreed price in the event of Alterra Grupa’s workers not been able to enter the premises designated for cleaning (in the event that there is no one to open the doors or there is a problem with keys owned by the Client).